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Web Design Services

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Whether you are looking for a basic website, a site for your business, a shopping website or something completely bespoke, we have the ability to make this a reality for you. With our affordable web design service your website will look good, load fast and perform well in search engines, so your target audience can find you.


Everything that needs to be done, to make your website all that you hoped!  From the technical aspect of booking Domain Names and appropriate hosting, to advice about the technology used to drive your website.  We are here to make it happen.  Then when the site is live, we keep on providing value for money by managing your website and ensuring that you don't miss important domain and hosting renewals and fixing/investigating issues should they arise.


Our charges are based on complexity, amount of graphic/photographic work, and the technology required to achieve what you are aiming for with the website.  We do not charge by the hour, instead a fixed fee is offered based on your requirements so you know where you stand.  Once a price has been agreed, a deposit to cover hosting and domain purchasing will be required, the balance of payment is not due until you 'sign off' the project. The deposit is not refundable, since we use a third party firm for the domain names and hosting.

A basic website starts as low as £250, this includes domain name and hosting.  Typically our customers spend between £400 and £600 for a website with social networking features, email forwarding, and content management features, so you can easily update or add content to your own website without paying us to make the changes.

We provide a highly competitive web design service for small business, charity and private individuals.
Why not have a look at some of our past work?


Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome Help (HUSH) is a charitable organisation set up in 1997 following the outbreak of E.coli O157 in Central Scotland (Wishaw) when 20 people died and there were 497 reported cases.

This tragedy brought together families from throughout the U.K. whose lives were affected by the bacterium and HUSH was formed.

SHOP PC is pleased to be able to work with HUSH, not only in producing their website, but also providing technical support and general IT service as required.

Philip Banks

Philip Banks, international voicoverist (Voice - Over - Artist). You probably havn't heard of him, but you most likely have heard him. He asked SHOP PC to revamp his original minimilist black website to include videos from his YouTube channel. A little bit of additional styling, and a layout change has retained the idea of a single page advert showcasing his vocal talent, whilst also catering for the limited attention span of his target audience.

Take a look and marvel at his work, it really is pretty good, hopefully you'll think the same regarding the website too!


It wouldn't be right as a web design service if we hadn't created our own website.  Our website went live in February 2011, it uses Joomla, a free Open Source content management system, as the framework for the website and has VirtueMart integrated for the online store.

Our site uses CSS templates for the styling of the site, we just altered the stock 'ja_' template that came with Joomla (copies are available under the GNU licensing if you want them) - we just liked the simplicity and clarity.  Additional components such as Cherry Picker for filtering searches in the shop, and KeyCaptcha to help prevent spam were also added.

All graphics, except those provided as part of the template, or donated by our suppliers were created by SHOP PC.

Papering Over The Cracks

Colin Murray is a Christian author,painter and decorator based in Portsoy. His website was created to help with the launch of his book, and provide a forum for his ongoing work.

The site uses a basic CSS template, but the features of the website are completely bespoke.  We've added a few social networking features, which link the website with the facebook page for his book.  Colin also has the facility to post articles, and visitors can comment on them as well as purchase copies of his book and browse his photo gallery.

The Papering Over The Cracks website is still very much a work in progress, and Colin wants visitors to be challenged, and blessed by it's content - why not take a quick look!


Terry Parker and David Hughes are a brother-in-law team. Terry lives in Banff, Aberdeenshire and works for the local authority as a Leisure & Recreation Manager. David lives just outside Truro in Cornwall and works as an Electrician for a construction company.  Together, they are Team BarnacleBusters.

This website was created to track and document the progress of these two likely lads as they drove an old banger from Banff to Plymouth, then accross the Channel, through France and Spain. Getting the ferry accross the Straights of Gibraltar to Morrocco. Then traversing the Atlas Mountains and crossing the Western Sahara through Mauritania and Senegal to the Gambian capital Banjul. A journey of over 4,000 miles to raise money through sponsorship, and sell the car for charity.

Boyne Cottage

Boyne Cottage is situated only 150 yards from Portsoy's historic Old Harbour which was built in 1693. Nearby is the source of Portsoy's famous Marble, greatly appreciated for its beauty and used in the construction of parts of Louis XIV's Palace of Versailles.

Throughout the year Portsoy attracts many tourists, the owners of this holiday cottage wanted their website to be functional and informative.

All the images and photographs were created by Shop PC on this bespoke website.

Skip 2 the Beat

Skip 2 The Beat, Scotland’s first competitive skipping club is renowned throughout Scotland, England and Europe for its high standard of skippers. It is their fast feet and excellent rope turning skills that have seen members reach the top of British Rope Skipping Championships.

Skip 2 The Beat can post articles, diary dates and photos. There is also a newsletter feature which allows visitors to sign up for newsletter e-Shots.

Banff Preservation and Heritage Society

The ancient county town of Banff has a wealth of fine 18th century architecture which makes it unique in the north of Scotland, allowing author Neil Paterson to describe it as a miniature Edinburgh. Inevitably, some of that has been lost, but enough remains to fascinate the eye and stimulate the imagination.

This website was created using a simple CSS template, all the website features were hand coded by SHOP PC. The principle artwork and photographs were provided by the society, and feature in many of their publications.

The Preservation and Heritage Society help maintain the history and beauty of Banff, why not visit their website and perhaps purchase their excellent 'Book of Banff'.

Forty Winks Buckie

The bedroom furniture specialists from Buckie, Forty Winks, asked Shop PC for a simple website with links to information about the products they sell, as well as contact information.

This website was bespoke, it is a simple two page design, with basic content management built in. The graphic work was provided by Forty Winks, and embellished by Shop PC.

Forty Winks provides excellent service and competative pricing. We heartily recommend Forty Winks in Buckie, and are pleased to have been able to provide them an internet presence.

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